Over 30 years of experience.

102 S has been developed through over 30 years of experience in the backhoe loader industry, which has included listening to the feedback of the backhoe loader customers, and meeting the exact needs of the customers’ expectations. With the renewed components, 102S provides greater performance, productivity and comfort.


Design awarded cabin

The cabin provides a comfortable space and a wide view angle with its ergonomic design, which features the largest inner volume of its class. It also provides an operator-friendly working environment with its standard suspension seat, radio-cd player, air conditioning option, personal storage closets and a cooled dashboard cell.

Enabling the operator to adjust the working position with preferred ergonomics and visibility, optionally supplied joystick controls provide fi ne control of the backhoe attachment without fatigue. Joystick controls are located at both sides of the seat and the cabin has become more spacious and more comfortable.

Multi-directional loader

With its unique front loader design, the multi-directional loader has the highest arm and bucket breakout force of its class and is equipped with the ability to work on different applications in the field with its six purpose bucket

Ideal backhoe design

The Ideal backhoe design features the deepest dig and reach access with its straight boom design, easier control with its joystick option, and 1.2m extra access in deeper digs with its optional telescopic arm.



Advanced technology powertrain system

This powertrain system features lower fuel consumption with its John Deere Diesel motor, which is in compliance with Stage III-A emission legislation, less vibration in the work place, fuel economy during cruising with its 5 forward, 3 backward ZF transmission, high hill climbing ability, more efficient working capability through its minimum slip risk 12 ton class heavy service type axes with LSD (Limited shift differential) and differential lock features.


Different steering wheel positions

102S has a four wheel drive steering wheel control system providing a perfect turning radius and a better maneuvering ability in narrow areas. With this system, there is a two-wheel system for crab walking, circle turning for narrow turns and driving on the road.

Effective customer support

The after-sale services team is always by your side with its trained technician squad, which is able to quickly meet the needs of the customers through the widespread service points that are located throughout the country and through the mobile service vehicles used for customers abroad.

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